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This month we were suffering a bit from les bleus before being overtaken by more dramatic events. People have always given Marie Antoinette a bad rap for telling her fellow French to eat cake when they don’t have bread but foe someone familiar with French pastry the difference between the quality of French bread and cake is minimal. In my opinion those 18th century French farmers just had a negative mental attitude.

We once had a French teacher who used to grade as follows; urn, dough, twa, cat and sunk. The idea was to get as close as urn and avoid being sunk. The term he was leaving he gave me dough though I deserved cat since that time I have been obsessed with French bread though I can not afford it.

The cause for our earlier bleus had been caused by Wangare Maathai because she is going to Stockholm soon and we are not. Going there in itself is not an issue but while there she will interact with other laureates and be interviewed by a man from Foundry Michigan called Jonathan Mann. Mann works for CNN now Foundry Michigan is a place in my minds eye where American mannerisms are naturally founded.

A wiser mind may suggest that Foundry should then be in Penn state but that is a misinformed person this foundry has nothing to do with coal and iron but all to do with water. Mann’s colleague Judy Woodroff probably schooled there as did author Katherine Weber.

One thing I like about the US election years is that Americans themselves consider them important so their best and brightest come out of the woodwork to try and be useful one can actually touch the gracefulness and hear the brains ticking if they are perceptive.

Which way would I have voted had I been an American, well presumably being a patriot I would still be holding a grudge against Texas for being the only state in the union to have been independent between 1836 and 1845 my instincts would have been to go with the original thirteen colonies but on the other hand mountains, rivers and horses fascinate me and this tend to be Republican I think it would have been a close call.

I admire Americans because apart from getting counsel from my brother not to interrupt people as they talk and observing from my cousins in the rift valley during a visit that people do not talk with their mouths full, virtually everything useful I have learnt has been of American origin even though I have barely had any physical American teacher and have never attended an American school.

This month we will not beat up on Clay though he has as usual being talking with his foot in his mouth because he has also been engaging in good works such as opening the new British Council and for other things such as the 100 years of the jockey club the new shopping mall being inaugurated and the Queen’s support for the Ol Pajeta wildlife sanctuary.

The reasons my blues receded briefly, in spite of Mann and Wangare was a bit of a surprise really. Our regional readers are always meeting so most of the time we don’t follow too closely what they are doing but last week they decided to become great men. They have come up with a proposal to create a political federation comprising of more than 1.8 million square kilometres with the world’s longest river and Africa’s tallest mountains not to mention the long coastline, lakes and wildlife.

If they pull this of they will surely be great and if their successors can come up with a beneficial arrangement with the Congo they will have become mighty. They have a lot of work to do though among them transforming Mombasa into a port city that serves 6 countries with a possibility of including several more. This ‘International port of call” is located on an Island with two bridges single lanes and no parking for trucks.

Ironically with the exception of a Kiboro or possibly a Mengi and of course those personally involved this has been small news here not as important as Obama becoming a Senator but things will change when the reality begins to sink in. Kiboro is the premier East African and Mengi owns a station with great need for improvement called EATV.

Now to my favourite bread and butter issues Telkom should forget that it was once a monopoly and move to outsourcing it should be a leader there. As for development the areas surrounding Nairobi have this notion that if you can’t create wealth for yourself you are unlikely to do so for anyone else. If that be the case then we should move away from the World Bank to Investment bankers in important markets have them on retainer, equity and commission basis and we are bound to get projects.

The institutions themselves are unlikely to get too excited but the middle managers given these assignments with their eyes for bigger things will have to deliver.

Hope to continue my part series on America the beautiful irregularly as so inspired from next month my next article will be where it all started one Charles Duvall and a movie called network in the meantime happy holidays.
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