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Education in Kenya School in kenya

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Icon of Christ the Morning Star

Morning Star Kindergarten
and Community Centre
Nairobi Kenya E. Africa

(Early Childhood Education)

Morning Star Kindergarten is a school for young children in Nairobi Kenya, which likes to keep in touch with the world and to inform them of our activities so that you may participate. We cater to education in Kenya and school in kenya acting as a charitable education institution, community centre, kindergarten(nursery), primary school and daycare in Nairobi Kenya, E Africa . Currently we focus mainly on early childhood education.

This being an education and school website, We like to encourage a participatory attitude amongst our web viewers. If you have artistic or web skills, give us your input and where possible we will incorporate them in our site.

We want our site to be an extension of our school and the learning and bonding process.We would like to thank freeservers for hosting and allowing you to travel to us online in Nairobi Kenya and Africa and for html lessons among others.

Also take part in any of our affiliate programs with, which you are comfortable as a portion of the proceeds will go towards the improvement of our school.

We have also put a link below to Nation Media, the leading media group in East Africa so that you may learn more about education in kenya and school in kenya, East Africa and keep abreast with other East African news.

We invite you to send us news articles for our webmasters page and try any of the products we are offering to raise funds for our institution including phone cards, cell phones, African jewelry, books and many other, gifts also read the global newspapers and check out other interesting links on our website among them, Kenyan radio and Kenyan television.

Best regards.

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