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Learn Swahili Japanese French Spanish Russian Chinese online Language School, ECD and American College in Nairobi Kenya Proposed

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Morning Star Kindergarten is a junior school set up to offer a good education foundation to young children. We also double up as a community centre offering a venue to the local community.

Over the years it has been fortunate enough to have have many friends and supporters. Notably the local community and Non governmental organisations the most prominent being AREP Foundation an international organisation dealing in education programmes and other organisations should feel free to join us.

We are planning to initiate a bursery scheme, a medical scheme and to further expand and make improvements in our school and we have put up this site so that you can share in our joy by giving and assisting towards this ideal.

We are also thinking of setting up an Early Childhood Development(ECD) training centre to train ECD teachers to supplement our ECD activities as part of our community support programmes. We can also offer Swahili language training and translations meanwhile you can begin your Swahili or Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese and other language training by linking above or visiting our home/index page.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Training Centre

School Friends and Supporters.

American college in kenya, East AfricaIf you would like to be involved in our activities go to our guest or mail pages and send us a message.
We have plans to expand to high school status and to set up a vocational training centre in the future, which we will be able to do with your assistance. It would also be good to have a good American college in kenya, East Africa where people could get the benefits of an American education at local cost. If you can facilitate any of our ideas please contact us. If you are an international student who needs to study Kiswahili contact us for a tailor made program. Currently some of our more pressing needs are as follows:

School Building Proposal
Bloomberg University
Morningstar University

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